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Short for from behind.
Dude, get some frumby.
by armsnlegs July 31, 2004
frumby /frum-bee/ adj.

1. easygoing, nearing to the point of irresponsibility
2. laid back
3. joyous nonchalance
4. lack of concern caused by inhaling marijuana

noun: frumbulesence
adv.: frumbily
"His frumby attitude toward his work caused his grades to plummet."
"Dude, I'm feeling totally frumby, man, so I'm not going to work today. Pass the ganja."
by Brady & Cody February 22, 2008
A tattoo on a person's (usually lower) back that is viewed from behind.
Yikes! Check out the frumby on that luscious lady!
by Unaboner October 03, 2006