A commonly used "sweeneyism" that refers to a direct refernence to a literary work
Ladies, make sure you use a lot of frums in your essay.
by carlie8973 June 17, 2009
Frum (v., n.)
1. to attempt to fellate yourself (because no self-respecting man or woman would do it for you) and instead succeed at shoving your own head up your ass.
2. a hypocritical unfunny douchebag

From David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter, in his interview on the Rachel Maddow Show. Dr. Maddow responded with class and dignity even as David frummed himself royally.
Did you watch Rachel Maddow last night? That guest totally frummed that interview.
by maddow_kicks October 14, 2008
Combination of 'Front' and 'Bum'. Usually old fat ladies have these. Large bum cheeks on the front of them, rather than the back. Also known as a Gunt (Giant Cunt).
Look at the frum on that bitch!
by jonez77 February 25, 2003
Also known as "front bum"

A body part that was not designed originally for the human body but appears widespread among middle age women, especially overweight women. It is a "hump" like shape similar to an ass, in size and in texture(except for smell) The frum was not designed for excretion and is purely cosmetic in nature. It has no actual use. A company designed the frum pouch and it is quite often seen on various frums.
"Hey, check out Sherry's huge Frum!"
"A frum? You mean her ass?"
"Not exactly dude. It's that ass that starts underneath her tits!"
by Frum Miester April 08, 2004
the fluids from a womans vagina when she ejaculates
they were fuckin and she got frum all over the couch
by mr. frezz May 08, 2005
a person that farts in the bathtub and trys to eat the bubbles
"fat" umm that was tasty
by ass crack March 15, 2005
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