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1. To be interrupted by your boss to explain that what you are doing is what your boss asked you to do.
2. To be stuck in a circular conversation for an hour or more with your boss which ends with no resolution and wonderment as to the intent of the discussion.
3. To be chastised by your boss for doing work your boss demand you do.
Boss: Can you explain to me why you are working?
Employee: I'm working on what you asked me to. Here is my work so far, "2+2=5".
Boss: Okay, that makes sense now.
Employee1 to employee2: i've just been frullad

Boss: What is blank again?
Employee: We do blank so the sky doesn't fall.
Boss: And if the sky falls?
Employee: Then we didn't do blank.
Boss: So blank is something you do then?
Employee: Yes, so the sky doesn't fall.
Boss: So what purpose does blank have?
employee: frullad.
boss: What's That?

Boss: I asked you to finish that project by end of day
Employee: I did finish it. I emailed it to you before lunch.
Boss: Why did you email it before lunch! It should have been done by end of day!
Employee1 to Employee2: I got frullad again, mark another point.
by erlangerkentucky April 09, 2012
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