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Generally used as an insult or a derogatory term, fruitbagger refers to an individual who is either extremely stupid or extremely annoying.

Fruitbagger is a great way to insult a hipster.

Fruitbagger can also be used to describe someone who works in the produce section of a grocery store and who's main responsibility is the bagging of fruit.
1."Who brought Mark to the party? I can't stand that guy he's always discussing such asinine topics, he wears to much cologne, he's so pretentious and goddamn he is such a fruitbagger."

2. "Man i went to the Arcade Fire show last night and there was way too many fruitbaggers there for me to enjoy myself."

3. "Hey John I heard you got a new Job?"

"Yes i did Sally i work in the produce section of my local grocery market."
" So essentially your a fruitbagger John?"

"Yes i am Sally but do you have to be so rude about it?"
by lucidtimescapes December 20, 2010
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