A U-turn sorta sercle thing in my city were all the male hooker are.
But I don't wanna go past the fruit loop.
by isla September 02, 2004
We use fruit loop to describe someone who has mental problems. Or someone who is just plainly insane. Not mentioning any names.
Boss from work goes mad if you have too many tea's. She is fruit loop.
by Mr Anonomous April 11, 2007
A gay cheerio; they are fruity and colorful like a rainbow :)
Dude : What are you having for breakfast man?!

Dude#2 : I'm having me some fruitloops bitch!
by WhoKnows??? March 18, 2009
To do an exploratory lap of the gay bar or club you're in looking for action...
Brian: "This place sucks, where's all the hotties? I'm gonna do one final fruitloop then I'm hitting the road..."
by ...hotwheels June 18, 2007
A sexual phenomenon in which a large group of gay men perform anal sex on each other to form a circle. Each member both receives AND penetrates, everyone's happy.
Me and the guys got together last Saturday night, had a few drinks and formed a fruit loop.
by damien nortogan October 13, 2013
noun A wholly vacant person. See also fuckwit
She's lost the plot, a total fruit loop
by Gazza February 06, 2003
Same as Fag Tag. It's that pointless loop of material that appears at the pleat on the back of certain button-down shirts.
The douchebag tried to walk away, but I grabbed him by his fruit loop and dragged him to the ground.
by The Human Cannonball August 03, 2007
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