A mixture of the words bruv and food, OR food and crud;
So instead of saying "can i have some food, bruv" or "this food is crud"...

"Get me some frud!"
by Skelhon and Titch January 06, 2008
Frud is anything and everything, just as long as you believe.

Frud is the lost connection between Frooglebop and Zybergoober.

Me: I'm feeling Frud-ish today.
You: Isn't everyone, though?
Me: Not the non-believers.
by NIK_FNC February 09, 2010
The brother of FUD (Fat Ugly Dyke). Thus to mean Fat Really Ugly Dyke
Good lord, you are such a FRUD Jo, said Stella!
by Joey February 15, 2005
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