Adjective. Connotes disapproval. Often mistakenly rendered as "foo foo" or "fou fou", etc. It means overly fussy in style, such as clothes, hair, furniture, food, etc. Yelpers use foo foo to describe overly fussy food, like any drink at Starbucks requiring more than three words to order. Its current use is derived from an old word describing the sound made by a silk or taffeta dress as the wearer moves through a room or down stairs. It was used as a noun (the dress material) or a verb (to walk in a dress made of such rustling material), but never as an adjective. It should always be used in a negative sense; nothing the speaker approves of should ever be called "frou frou".
"I cannot imagine what kind of prissy prom queen buys dresses in this shop! Everything is so frou frou!"
by konditor December 30, 2009
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a duo from the UK composed of ethereal-voiced Imogen Heap and laptop music maker Guy Sigsworth. their fans are few but widely distributed in the world. they are a close-knit group who enjoy only the best music.
-People think electronic music is cold, Germanic and unfeeling, and that somebody strumming along on an acoustic guitar is heartfelt. That’s rubbish. You can create heartbreaking songs on a laptop, and there’s plenty of music written on an acoustic guitar with no feeling in it at all. Kraftwerk can be seen as the most unemotional band of all time, but I find far more emotion in “Computer Love” than anything Celine Dion has ever recorded. “Neon Lights” is so magical and mysterious. They portray themselves in a very alienated way, but if you listen to the music, there’s plenty of heart in Kraftwerk. -Guy Sigsworth
by boun January 17, 2004
Replete with ruffles, lace, or other "girly" attributes. A style of dress or home decoration that includes these elements.
That dress is way too frou frou for Angie's taste; She prefers suits and more professional clothing.
by Aunt Tasty May 26, 2005
Garish/overly ornate as in bedroom furniture totally buried in frills, throw pillows and stuffed animals. Frilly ornamentation for women's clothing, or men's tuxedo shirts.
One look at all the froufrou furniture in that house, and I couldn't breath. No man could possibly live there.
by Don Howard November 20, 2006
something or someplace artsy. somewhat highbrow. decadent in a refined manner.
He stopped in at Cafe Uptown and bought what turned out to be a very frou-frou mocha, complete with chocolate shavings and orange zest.
by Spiderseye November 03, 2006
A variety show popular in Paris and environs from the about 1870s to the 1920s immortalized by the lavish and erotic for their time outfits of the female dancers, which consisted of feathered boas, layered underskirts and ruffly undergarments which were exposed during lively dancing numbers.
See infamous 1900 print 'FROU FROU' by Lucien-Henri Weiluc.
by Albert Miaskovsky May 04, 2004
1. A showy individual, usually a homosexual, who tries to get attention through a public exhibition of various bizarre garmets.

2. A man acting in a womanly fashion.

3. A pinko.

4. Someone overly fastidious and annoying.
1. "Hey Gus, get a load of that froufrou there. Looks like the circus is back in town"

2. Frank: "I'm so, so sorry dahl but my nails arent dry yet"
Jeff: "You're such a froufrou!"

3. Political leader: "... and as of next year all of the pinko froufrous will be shot and buried in a mass grave."

4. Wilkins: "People call me annoying, but they have no idea how much time it takes to do my hair."
Neighbor: "Wilkins, if you don't shut up I will go there and introduce you to my fist you freakin' froufrou."
by Porkyavik akh Mootz December 21, 2005

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