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a duo from the UK composed of ethereal-voiced Imogen Heap and laptop music maker Guy Sigsworth. their fans are few but widely distributed in the world. they are a close-knit group who enjoy only the best music.
-People think electronic music is cold, Germanic and unfeeling, and that somebody strumming along on an acoustic guitar is heartfelt. That’s rubbish. You can create heartbreaking songs on a laptop, and there’s plenty of music written on an acoustic guitar with no feeling in it at all. Kraftwerk can be seen as the most unemotional band of all time, but I find far more emotion in “Computer Love” than anything Celine Dion has ever recorded. “Neon Lights” is so magical and mysterious. They portray themselves in a very alienated way, but if you listen to the music, there’s plenty of heart in Kraftwerk. -Guy Sigsworth
by boun January 17, 2004
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