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The painful exposure to cold wintertime air of skin that should really be bundled under several layers of clothing.
guy 1: (shivering) "There was this huge long line for the bathroom, so I went out back to take a leak. Now I've got a serious case of frost butt."

guy 2: "Dude....TMI...seriously."
by Veranda Collingwood January 02, 2011
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The frostbite-like feeling you get after sitting on outdoor cold bleachers for 3 hours during a football game in the later months of the year.
Person 1: Yo man it's so cold out here. I can't wait for this game to be over.
Person 2: Yeah, I'm totally getting frostbutt right now.
by Rice Menshorts October 25, 2013
When your butt gets icy after being out in the snow to long
Damn girl, you got a frostbutt
by D@T N!66@ March 03, 2009

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