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the act of pouring chocolate syrup on somones head and the abruptly hitting them in the nuts and or vagina with a sledge hammer.
The horrilby disfigured man lie there on the ground...he had been frooshed
by assbag hernandez November 07, 2005
Nickname given to Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante presumably by Ultimate-Guitar.com, because that's one of the only places you'll find people calling him Froosh instead of John.
Have you heard Froosh's solo in Scar Tissue at Slane Castle?
by ItalianRadio October 05, 2009
A mix between a froob and a douche only the "ouche" part is spelled as "oosh" for easier spelling.
Paige: How gay was that?!?!?! That girl just hit me in the face, dude.

Nikki: She's not only gay she's a froosh. A BIG FROOSH!
by Paigeh Poo September 12, 2007