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Getting the shits from eating too much fresh fruit and vegetables.
--"I have a bad case of the froops from eating too many fresh peaches & cherries from the farmers market!

--Dude, would you get outta the bathroom, I gotta take a piss!

I can't get off the toilet man, I've got the froops!
by Agnesburgh August 12, 2011
(v.) to catch small edible objects in your mouth when thrown by another player at a set point
We froop with strawberries and grapes in the park.
by itzmarco407 September 02, 2011
A substitute for the F word.
Froopin' idiots.
by Rose likes pie November 20, 2009
An exclamation of apologie designed to endear yourself to the party who was wronged. Note: Most effective when pronounced in a small childlike voice.
*BANG, CRASH* oh, froops.
by Gioia December 01, 2007
The opposite of a shart, when you sit sown at the toilet and think you have to go poop, but you fart instead.
Jim: I have to go to the bathroom.
Tony: Hey did you just froop?
Jim: Yes
by Kingofthenorth16 June 22, 2011
The act of frotting prairy dogged feces with another person.
Lurel: Hey Fuggle wanna froop?
Fuggle: YOU BET I DO!
by lurel November 29, 2011
A sugary European yogurt so amazing, it tastes like it has been sent from heaven and you are, in fact, actually consuming angel cum.
Mmmm, that Froop I had this morning was delicious. I want some more, but it has so much sugar that eating just another half of one will give me diabetes.
by guitargirl52843 July 19, 2011