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Fruity, fruitcake, questionable sexuality
Similar to foo-foo. That fruity guy is sipping on a froo-froo drink latte.
by Anon1432 September 01, 2009
12 6
nonsense, silly, unimportant
Matt was off doing froofroo things while Sarah was being productive by putting up the videos on facebook.
by beatthat October 28, 2008
8 2
Small black vagina.
You have such a Froo Froo
by Ellieisawesome July 02, 2013
0 0
An act commited by one person to disappoint another.
Guy 1: They wouldn't let me buy liquor.
Guy 2: Don't you turn 21 tomorrow?
Guy 1: Yeah but they just wouldn't cut me some slack.
Guy 2: Man, that's froo-froo!
by nick-ol-ass December 07, 2009
5 10