to pretend or act like somethin or someone your not.
Quit Frontin man you know yo ass aint got a job!
by Juicy August 05, 2004
To Fake or act nonchalant about somthin
Man nigga you no shorty got you whipped stop frontin man
by Kika January 02, 2004
Gangsta slang. To lie constantly and outlandishly, typically to impress or in some way deceive others to maintain/generate a certain image.
"Man, did you ever notice how frontin Valen is?"
by J & E Dawgitty Dawg September 26, 2008
To put on a false exterior
Why you frontin' you know y'all just jealous you wish you could hav dis!
by lsjflsdjj February 27, 2003
To talk alot of shit like one is badass, but when crunch time comes, they are on the ground in the fetal position.
Jim- Did he show up for the fight?

Me- Naw, he was just frontin, so I showed up at his crib and beat his ass.
by T-dawg_1988 November 26, 2006
Urban slang. To put up a facade or make appearances, typically to impress or in some way deceive to maintain image. From 'to front'.
He be frontin' - that Benz be a rental!
by T.D. January 20, 2003
When a woman (or a man) wears open-toed shoes that are too small and the toes extend forward past the sole of the shoe. The toes may or may not curl over the front of the shoe. In rare cases, the toes get scraped and/or collect dirt.
She say her shoe size is six, but look at them toes scrape the pavement...she frontin!
by Goldfiiiine March 02, 2014

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