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When a woman passes solid feces and uses the "log" as a dildo.
I lost my erection so I gave her a front-end loader (in order to get it back).
by Comic Event of the Century May 02, 2007
A machine that has a bucket up front to pick up dirt. Can be a attachment to a Tractor to increase the usability of a tractor.

Loaders are often on wheels, but can be found on tracks. They are used in Contruction and industry.
"Use the loader to move those rocks."
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004
A person who takes the cock in their mouth and enjoys it.
O my, that guy is a front-end loader!
by savloader January 23, 2006
Hollowing out the end of a cigarette, removing the tobacco and replacing it with cannabis.
I didn't have my bong or some rolling papers, so I did a front-end loader with a borrowed smoke.
by Alex Lee Phillips July 02, 2013
Taking a dump on a girls chest while getting jacked off.
Steve: Hannah gave me a solid "Front End Loader" last night.
Russ: Oh yeah? That girl has great multitasking skills!
by Russ the Boss August 14, 2012