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a slang word; derived from the UK.
a woman's vaginal fart, otherwise known in the english-speaking world as a queef.
"wow dude, she just cut a wicked front bummer."
by atticlight86 February 10, 2013
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Front Bummer is in relation to Front Bum which is known as the female vagina. It is a term used either when a female causes interruption or stress to a male's life,or also used if the female has had an unfortunate experience.
"boys.. the gf will not get off my case about having a baby man what do I do?"

"sorry bro thats a total front bummer"

"omy gosh I just had the worst day of my life, my boss told me to quit voicing my opinion there was no room for feminism at the office, it was a total front bummer!"
by suitanun October 23, 2009
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