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is another word for 'fringe'.
people say 'fronge' or 2 make it sound better, you can say 'fronge-ay' (making it sound posh lol!)
Kate: iv just had ma hair cut..
Merf: woooww..ur new fronge luks well gud!
by kate letts February 15, 2008
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an old man looking to hook up with barely legal girls for the purpose of impregnanting them.
He's such a fronge! I can't believe that pregnant teenager actually slept with him and is having his baby! Gross!
by smptd July 21, 2011
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(n.) The baby (or babies) of a grapefruit and an orange.

(v.) Getting owned or pwnd so bad it's indescribable.
ex. 1)
Gimme some fronge juice. I needs muh vitamin c.

Girl: -kicks man in balls five times-
Random guy: Dude, your ass just got fronged!
by RawrCore3x February 03, 2010
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