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A hero character in the Warcraft 3 custom map DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) who when randomly selected is unstoppable in battles. The player who "rendoms frondar" will inevitably end with the highest kill to death ratio as well as carry his team to victory.

The game misspells frondar's name as "Gondar" but it was verified that this was a typo that was not fixed in time and eventually became regular through popular exposure.
(All)0pticChiasm: -rendom frondar lol
(All)0pticChiasm: -rendom frondar
(All)0pticChiasm: -rendom frondar gg
(All)0pticChiasm: -random
*0pticChiasm has randomed gondar the bounty hunter*
by Pyloricsphincter September 25, 2006
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