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A smell or substance that comes from the build up of sweat in the area between the balls and the ass, commonly known as the gooch.
Man, I've got some nasty fromunda building up today!
by BiggieRobs March 08, 2004
146 61
Slimy residue commonly found under a nut sac.
Me:You want some fromunda cheese?
Bob: Whats that?
Me: Cheese fromunda my nuts
Bob: Why yes, yes I do
by anonymous October 06, 2003
355 75
The cheese or pasty smell from behind your nut sack.
From unda THESE NUTS
by anonymous September 22, 2003
19 5
A perfect setup for a "deez nuts" joke
Me: "The best egg salad sandwiches are made with fromunda cheese."

You: "What's fromunda cheese?"

Me: "Fromunda deez nuts!"
by drewcifer66 July 28, 2008
53 61
aka dick cheese usually found on a uncirc. penis
would you like some fromunda cheese? someone will ask what's that. answer is the cheese from under my dick.
by jt April 06, 2004
33 147