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when a girl take a shit, puts it in the freezer, and uses it as a dildo...
She had the joy of using a frogus.
by 55555 November 13, 2007
The frog-child of Nathan and Sarah, infamous for his heinous control over peoples minds by his supermassive cuteness. He is mind-explodingly cute.
Oh my god! look at Frogu jumping, look at him he is soooo cute! He has complete control over my brainmeats.

Judge: "Why did you slaughter your mother and make her guts into yummy spiced sausage, wear her tit's as a hat, eat her teeth for dessert and piss on the rug?"

Child: "Frogu made me do it"
by Sathan April 24, 2003
When a girl freezes fecal matter and uses it as a dildo.
"Hey can I borrow your frogus tonight? mine melted"
by Emzy123 August 21, 2007
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