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Put-down for that fucking annoying guy who always talks and has a huge ass mouth that looks like a frog's lips.
Frog-lipped gentleman: I don't agree with you.
Normal human being: Shut the fuck up, froglips.
by The genetic jackhammer December 21, 2007
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FrogLip; The act of talking out your ass with your stink flatulance breath.
Regan is such a Dufus! He kicks everyone to the curb because of some fluffy haired airhead and then wonders out loud when nobody wants to come help him with his stupid Chem lab what a FrogLip.!
by blacky9er1 November 15, 2013
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frog lips are when someone doesn't have any umph in their lips. this is very apparent when you kiss someone.
i kissed him but he had limp lips like a frog. he has frog lips.
by bigporky September 13, 2013
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