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A fruity drink that originates from, and is specific to, Burnley in the North of England
"Christ mate im leathered off that Frogdogs. Let's get another"

"They don't sell this in Rawtenstall do they!"
by Wakim Reethard October 28, 2007
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A "frogDog" is a mix of Canine and Amphibian. The body of a Dog and the head of a Frog, the FrogDog can both live on land and in water. The "CaninePhibian" was created with the intentions of making a water animal that could live on both land and water while still being man's bestfriend. The FrogDog can be seen playing Day of Defeat Source once and a while with it's webbed paws helping with steady aim with the M1 Grand.
The FrogDog was using a M1 Grand and headshotted everyone in game, then went for a swim becasue he got too hot.
by somhavoc February 24, 2008

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