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Dancing with disjointed movement
At every wedding there is a guy dancing like a frog in a blender, usually the bride's father!
by Brian Butterly August 02, 2006
13 4
Having intense, unproductive repetitive / obsessive thoughts.
John, on the phone: "I think I should have apologized. but then she might think I am a pussy. But now she thinks I am a fucking jerk. But I am just scared to apologize. I mean, maybe she should apologize first! After all,..."

Mark: "Dude, shut the fuck up! It's like a frog in a fucking blender!"
by mynameismark August 07, 2005
15 11
alcoholic beverage consisting of lucid (absinthe, NOT absente), jager, root beer and red bull. have fun, and your liver will write its congressman.
barkeep, one frog in a blender
by the great rusher of fools September 24, 2010
1 2