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Fuck Right Off And Die
by Flamin Homer May 31, 2003
-term labeling an amphibian that is not distinguishable between a frog or a toad
We saw a froad outside our door eating bugs.
by MegaDave July 17, 2003
a cross between a frog and a toad
"i love froads"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
Term used when going Off Roadng.
We are gonna go froad in the desert today.
by T December 02, 2003
stands for "frozen roads." basically it's when the roads are covered in ice, and you can't drive on them.
kid #1: Do you think we'll have school tomorrow?
kid #2: No way. The buses will never be able to drive on those vicious froads.
by hey i'm jill January 14, 2008