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honest, charming, handsom, beautiful, amazing, lovable, adorable, cute, funny, sweet
WOW!! I never new that that kid was such a frigo at that game
by Frigo? May 31, 2007
To Frigo is to punch, grab, smack, or hit someone with a blunt object in the balls.
The kid was talking shit so i ran by and Frigoed him so hard he threw up!
by Frybag2 November 08, 2010
in the act of anal sex(IT MUST BE INFRONT OF A WINDOW), the man pulls out his penis and tag teams with another man who slips in, the first penetrator then goes outside and waves at the woman, who then freaks out because the person she thinks is nailing them isnt there anymore.
'man, i hear amy got frigoed on the weekend'
by tnuk<- May 20, 2009
a faggot
that kid is a frigo
by firefireonyou March 06, 2004