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It is an expression commonly used in situations usually affiliated with disappointment, numerous forms of fails, whoopsies, and/or substitutions for profanity. It is sometimes used to ease up tense situations involving awkwardness or CAN backfire, and in turn escalate the level of awkwardness if used incorrectly with two or more contradistinctive personalities.

And more importantly, it is used when you are trying to impress someone with your NEW and HIP lingo.
"Dude did you bring the rope for the crevasse we are going to easily circumnavigate across tomorrow evening...per se, tomorrow?"

"AWWW Frigleys!!!"


"I forgot the rope."

"NO, not that. The word, 'Frigleys'? What the friggers is that?"

"Oh...you mean to tell me you haven't heard the term frigleys before? How embarrassing..."
by shirshingshirjetli January 02, 2010
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