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(exclamation), also sub. for fuckin', fucking. Also, see freakin'.

1. The word can be used as a toned-down version in a formal or public setting to address excitement. "friggin awesome", or "friggin sweet".

2. Can also be used by those who simply are too afraid to say "fuckin'" or "fucking", thus censoring themselves.
1. "Hey Gina, have you stopped by that new internet cafe in town? It's friggin' great!"

2. "this weather is driving me friggin insane."
by boggler September 01, 2006
29 35
A way to say f*ck when your parents are around
I friggin hate preps
by Hector October 18, 2003
669 248
a non-swear-word replacement for "fucking"
Probably arose from several sources, and I expect at least one was inspiration from England's very own Muhammed Al Fayed, who says "fug" and "fugging" alot, instead of the actual swearwords
Person 1 (sees grandma approaching):Friggin hell, Bush got the presidency AGAIN!
Person 2:Dude, why didn't you just say fucking hell?
Grandma:*frowns at person 2*
by b0Bz0r3llo March 22, 2005
429 276
Replacement for FUCKING. Same usage as the word it replaces.
You're a friggin idiot!
by Guthu April 04, 2003
239 171
The original word 'Friggin' is a rude term for a female masturbating. People have formed completely wrong definitions of the word over time and people aren't 100% sure of what it means.

Some people use 'Friggin' as a way of expressing their anger/shock/surprise e.g Friggin hell
boy 1: my girlfriend was friggin herself in front of me last night

boy 2: she masturbated in front of you?

boy 1: yeah, all night
by Jay3927 March 14, 2008
214 149
A replacment for the cuss word, "Fuckin"
You're a friggin bytch
by FrigginPoet May 14, 2003
165 122
To frig is to masturbate; it is NOT as so many mistakenly believe a more "polite" version of fuck. Friggin' is the same as wankin'. A wanker and a frigger are like A# and Bb (musical notes).
He frigged himself blind.
Stop friggin around and get over here.
Put down the friggin' telephone!
by roxed August 14, 2007
233 193
a handy word used to replace "fuckin(g)" in arguments with your mom
What the crap, mom, that's so fu-friggin' lame.
by megndragn April 04, 2004
70 38