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When a guy jerks another guys off.
Dude, I got home and saw my roommate Alex watching gay porn with Brian and they were friggen each other! I moved the next day.
by me December 28, 2005
29 96
an eastern canadian (newfie) way to say 'fucking' politely
lookit dat der girl harold.. she's friggen dope
by Tode October 17, 2004
107 33
A male of noticeably short stature, usually referring to a homosexual dramatic teenager, who may also have disabilities in regards to automobiles.
"Oh my God, that Friggens needs to slow down and find himself some legal ass!"
by Laurence Mason March 24, 2008
1 5
Typo of "friggin'"
Guy A: "ur a friggen retard!"

Guy B: "You're a fucking retard for calling me a 'friggen' retard."
by Arch0wl May 16, 2005
68 116