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1) The overall condition of your friends or the people around you. 2) The overall comfort of your friends or the people around you.
I'm afraid if I hook up with one of my good friends i'll will mess with the friendscape.
by Baba Nace January 29, 2006
When you're being hit on by someone 'not your type' and you make friends with the nearest person to escape the unwanted attention.
Hey, hi!
This guy just used "I have a boat" as a pick up line, can I use you to friendscape away from him?
Thank you!!
by Anon1Adult July 09, 2016
Trimming your buddy's private areas.
Timmy's bush was out of control and his hand wasn't very steady, so I friendscaped his bad boy for him - no homo!
by HugoPurpleTurban November 13, 2013
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