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a "friend" whom you usually hate or fight with.
Erin is a bitch but we're chillin Sunday. She is my Friendemy.
by mARGy\\ May 03, 2008
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

But does that mean that if I were to become an enemy of my enemies enemy, that my enemy would therefore become my friend?

Because, if my enemies enemy is my enemy, then going by the logic of the aforementioned saying, that would make my enemies enemy (my enemy) my friend.

Unless, if I become enemies with my enemies enemy, what if my enemy then becomes my frenemy, while my enemies friends (my enemies enemies' enemies) become my friends as a result?

But, wait... If my frenemies friends are my friends, (because my friends are the enemies of my enemies enemy) would that mean that my frenemy couldn't actually be considered an enemy? So, what could s/he be considered then?

And thus, the concept of "Friendemies" was born.
"Kevin is a filthy piece of filth, but I don't want to hurt his feelings by calling him a full-out frenemy. So instead, he can now be my friendemy!"

"Justin didn't like Kassandra, because she insulted his morton's toe. Slowly at first, they began to drift apart. After some time, Justin would only consider Kassandra his friendemy."

"After finding out she cheated on him, Caleb recommended they separate, and instead be friendemies."
by Not Timothy April 27, 2015
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