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a hug from the side, that usually includes a pay on the back so it doesn't appear romantic in any way, shape, or form.
I really like Jimmy, but every time we get close, he ends up giving me the friend hug.
by sweetlyevil December 12, 2007
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(a) when one, under the stress of the immediate situation, engages to hug a potential significant other and fails to conform to traditional hugging practices; (b) wrapping one's arms around the neck or head of a significant other in lieu of encroaching upon semi-romantic boundaries; (c) a metaphorical action telling one whom you have recently had sexual encounters with that a relationship is not in the immediate future; and (d) the awkward interaction that occurs when one is indecisive about crossing the friendship line.
I am afraid that Jane might no longer want to hook up with me after giving a friend hug when I walked her home last night.

After looking into her eyes, I was not confident about kissing her so I immediately went for the friend hug.

Wow, that Suzy was one crazy girl. But I hope she gets the picture after that friend hug I gave her.
by Friendhugger February 17, 2010

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