To be very very very very funny
Ha ha ha haha so funny you be a frickle frackle.
by panzerfausto May 22, 2005
Top Definition
to do the deed
"Oh Bobby let's go frickle frackle in your grandparents bed." Margaret said.
by Wobby Bobby October 03, 2013
A term popularly used in Tumblr to describe sexual intercourse.
"They did the frickle frackle."
by Potato Police January 20, 2014
To fuck.
"Hey Dejuan, wanna frickle frackle?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by OrangePotatoes August 30, 2014
Used to describe a string of profanities. When relaying a story about someone who gets so frustrated that they start spewing a bunch of profanities, its easier to say 'frickle frackle' than to use the actual words that were said.
"Did you hear old man Hanson trying to start his car this morning, getting all mad, saying 'frickle frackle' and throwing his wrench at the dog.
by ohwelles July 18, 2008
1) Make out
2) Have sex
1) "Hey wanker, stop frick frackling with Beth and drive your arse down here!"

2) "Did you frickle frackle with her on the table? Bloody hell, how was she?"
by britisharse October 08, 2015
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