Mostly known as the new kids on the campus.

Freshman girls: Usually try to act either really stuck up to other freshman -even though their all the same- or, their pretty chill and are down to earth.

Freshman guys: Sports are one of thier top priorities, right next to "girls". Some will turn into jocks and etc. , and others will be crushed by their first year of highschool expirence that might have totally sucked.

Any way you take it; freshman range from people that you actually dont mind sharing the school with to annoying little whores and wanna-be football stars.
freshman during lunch
HOLLISTER PREP- "godd why the hell are thoose girls staring at us like that"
HOLLISTER PREP 2-" like idk; just give them a dirty look"

BROHOE- "haha wtf is up with thoose chicks faces"
BROHOE2- "ha i don't know, its funny how they think everyone is staring at them though"
by river hoe. March 25, 2009
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A horrible disease that everyone gets in n their first year of high school. Symptoms include trying to fit in with the seniors, acting like you own the place, and just being a general douchebag.
Oh shit! That whole new group of freshman kids is here! I hope they aren't contagious!
by MarkToast January 20, 2015
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The now politically-incorrect term for a first year student.
My college refers to freshmen as "first year students" but still uses sophomore, junior and senior. One of my professors listed it as "freshperson" on a survey. I have also seen "freshman/woman" used as well.
by Dassh August 26, 2004
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Most of the freshman I'm talking about are usually in the 9th grade in high school. There are two types of freshmen:
Type one:
Cocky,self-centered bitches who have not grown up since junior high, and all they care about is getting laid by the senior guys/girls and act like retards for the first 9 months of the year, and may stop just in time for sophomore year or continue to do this, flunk out and end up working at taco bell or taking care of their 2.3 children from their pregnancy during their junior year.
Type two:

Quiet, respectful, kind souls who only want to go to school and go home. They either care about school and/or athletics and end up being successful in school and in real life. They hate the type one kids since they make the freshman name bad, and end up beating their behinds.
A conversation between two freshman girls:
Jackie (type 1): AAY what up, I'm in high school now! I'm gonna sleep with, like, the entire football team!
Andrea (type two): please shut the hell up, your the reason why that upperclassmen hate us, and your just being a thirsty thot. Just because you are a freshman, doesn't mean you are all that.
Jackie: Whatever, you stuck up prude, I'm gonna be the envy of all the hot upperclass men and girls are gonna hate me because I'm more prettier them, and I'm going to rule the school!
Andrea: Ok then, have it your way then, but don't come crying to me when you end up alone, possibly pregnant and a STD.
( Jackie ends up flunking her freshman year, ended up with an STD and gets knocked up by her "ex-boyfriend")
by confessionsofateenager June 15, 2014
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a first-year high school student, that is more often than not looked down on because of their grade. Upperclassmen never give them the respect they deserve, even if they are just a big of a loser. they dont get the respect they deserve, and people will talk crap about them just because they are freshmen. Freshmen year matures people, and not all freshmen are stupid or immature, upperclassmen just assume that they are. (even though most of the time the freshmen rule the school, ha. stupid juniors)They are also refered to as the lowest of the low, and Fish. Too bad people actaully care about the freshmen and they are known to stick together as a class and stand up for each other, not half as bad as people make them out to be.
WOW that girl is hott for a freshman.
Everyone hates the freshmen at our school for no reason.
by aka ♥ March 27, 2007
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Annoying 9th graders who show up on the first day of high school thinking there the shit, only to find out that there stupid and should show some respect to the there fellow sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Not all freshman are stupid and annoying just the ones who hang out in large groups.
by seth May 21, 2004
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You have no freedom or fun, no license, no one texts you & you often contemplate suicide
The freshman wasn't invited to any parties and spent her night at home alone.
by rdawgdizzle June 28, 2011
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