a first-year high school student, that is more often than not looked down on because of their grade. Upperclassmen never give them the respect they deserve, even if they are just a big of a loser. they dont get the respect they deserve, and people will talk crap about them just because they are freshmen. Freshmen year matures people, and not all freshmen are stupid or immature, upperclassmen just assume that they are. (even though most of the time the freshmen rule the school, ha. stupid juniors)They are also refered to as the lowest of the low, and Fish. Too bad people actaully care about the freshmen and they are known to stick together as a class and stand up for each other, not half as bad as people make them out to be.
WOW that girl is hott for a freshman.
Everyone hates the freshmen at our school for no reason.
by aka ♥ March 27, 2007
A student in their first year of high school or college. In high school, freshmen are typically afraid on their first day, and throughout the first week, always get lost. I'm currently a freshman, and I got lost many times, but it really didn't take me that long to get used to the school. A freshman's worst enemy is the senior. Mostly, seniors are out to make fun of, prank, bully, or even 'own' a freshman, by making claims on one. At my school, most seniors and other upperclassmen are pretty respectful to us freshmen, thankfully. Some freshmen, like myself, hold great respect for our older peers, but I don't really see the point of bullying freshmen. Weren't they freshmen once, or were they born a senior/junior? What I hate even more are the sophomores who make fun of us. They were a freshman three months earlier, lol. Well, so anyway, most freshmen think they're all cool owning the middle school the year before, then reality hits when they go to high school the first day. But for me and many others, we are humble and mostly quiet, and rarely speak around the upperclassmen, and stay as respectful as possible- earning their respect is essential to high school survival. Freshmen should only talk when needed, and don't start a conversation with an upperclassman unless they're talked to first, because you never want to annoy one.
Example 1 (Freshman's Stupidity):

Freshman: "The first day of school. I'm gonna go say hi to the seniors."
*to seniors*: "Hi, friends!"
*freshman thrown in dumpster*

Example 2 (Freshman's Respect):
Senior: "Yo, you a freshman"
Freshman: *respectfully nods*
Senior: *notices this freshman is not outspoken and respectful* "Cool"
by thegreatbeanieman November 21, 2010
The kids who are new to high school; often seen with backpacks that are three times the size of themselves, they take the longest routes possible to their classes, and they attract other freshmen. Once they have become comfortable with the high school society, they are usually the loud and obnoxious people screaming at each other and chasing their friends around the hall. Sometimes they get high school mixed up with middle school.
*really loud group walking down the hall*

Friend 1: "Why do they feel the need to be so freaking loud?"
Friend 2: "They're freshmen. Can't you tell by their backpacks?"
Friend 1: "Oh yeah...I remember when I was in eighth grade."
by sodonewithhighschool November 11, 2011
Mostly known as the new kids on the campus.

Freshman girls: Usually try to act either really stuck up to other freshman -even though their all the same- or, their pretty chill and are down to earth.

Freshman guys: Sports are one of thier top priorities, right next to "girls". Some will turn into jocks and etc. , and others will be crushed by their first year of highschool expirence that might have totally sucked.

Any way you take it; freshman range from people that you actually dont mind sharing the school with to annoying little whores and wanna-be football stars.
freshman during lunch
HOLLISTER PREP- "godd why the hell are thoose girls staring at us like that"
HOLLISTER PREP 2-" like idk; just give them a dirty look"

BROHOE- "haha wtf is up with thoose chicks faces"
BROHOE2- "ha i don't know, its funny how they think everyone is staring at them though"
by river hoe. March 25, 2009
a person in their first year of high school. They get lost a lot the first week. They get canned and try to stick together for safety. They often become pets of older people like sophmores, juniors, and seniors. They get written on with sharpies a lot. They also have musical butts.
-Hey Look! I found a freshman!


first year students in college, formal way of saying 'bottom of the food chain' or 'light weight'.

Freshmen usually travel in cluster groups. Said cluster groups are spotted easily, due to the large assortment of unnecessary school supplies in which the freshmen carries with them at all times.

Freshmen can also be mistaken for mentally challenged alcoholic gremlins. This is not a representation for all freshmen; however most of them fit this description accurately.
There is a very rare endangered species of freshmen. This breed is commonly known as 'that cool freshman'. That cool freshman is an individual whom most already assume are an upperclassmen due to their seasoned alcohol tolerance, common sense and ability to function off three hours of sleep without feeling the need to tell everyone about how tired they are.
'are those girls transfer here? i've never seen them before'
'no, they're freshmen'
'how do you know?'
'dude, they're both carrying three notebooks, sticky notes, pencil sharpeners and graphing calculators. nobody buys all that shit in college. one notebook and a pen is good enough.'
'oh, you're right! hey, did you invite that cool freshmen to the kegger tonight?'
'fuckin' right i did! the little bastard drank me under the table last night. he's crazy!'
by happypeanutssoar September 17, 2012
You have no freedom or fun, no license, no one texts you & you often contemplate suicide
The freshman wasn't invited to any parties and spent her night at home alone.
by rdawgdizzle June 28, 2011

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