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A first year student in high school who is often disrespected and or hated for the fact that they are freshman. Some freshmans are stupid and need to learn to respect the upper classmen while other need to be respected by the upper classmen.
The freshmen girls are considered new meat by the older guys (juniors mostly) and are often seen talking to or dating juniors. This causes the older girls to hate them because their guys are to busy with the freshman to pay any attention to them. And those junior girls lost all the juniors from there freshman year.
The freshman guys get mad at the girls in there grade for leaving the to talk to juniors except for a select few that have found a way to balance them both. Most of the time the guys can not wait for their junior year to show the girls exactly how if felt.
Most freshman are stereo typed and need to be given a change. It is really stupid to be a junior or senior and spend your time gossiping and hating the freshman. You need to grow up.
kid 1:he freshman this year are looking fine.
kid 2: DudeI know I cant wait to show the girls how it felt.
by FairyPrincess<3 April 17, 2009

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