To over customize a normally uncustomized car with dumb decals and glitter shit and wings
Dude look at that neon, all decalled up and a huge wing that thing is frenched
by Lil Crispy August 12, 2005
Top Definition
It means taking off all of the crappy plastic trim (and other bits like the antenna) on your car to give it a cleaner look.
Yo dawg, we gave the windows a limo tint, slammed the suspension, frenched the whole body and repainted it candy apple red with blue flames down the side!
by dymadozen December 16, 2015
Frenched, Is when a man tickles another man's throat with his hairy sack
Philly: have you seen Goodwin?

Koop: na he said he was going to get frenched!

Philly: hell no he must never talk again with frenched breathe!!
by rgisfaggot June 20, 2014
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