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To skip eating breakfast entirely and just have coffee and a cigarette
Eaten this morning yet? Nah, just going outside for a french breakfast
by CivilianTarget January 28, 2008
A sexual act involving elderly breasts that resemble the popular French breakfast food known as Crêpes. This must include fruit of some kind such as Strawberries, Blueberries, ect. The fruit can be fresh or canned.
Hey your grandma had me over last night, things got a little crazy, and the next morning I was greeted with a nicely arranged French Breakfast.
by Krazypoloc June 06, 2011
The act of giving or receiving anal intercourse.
Good morning, beautiful! How about some French Breakfast this morning and then afterwards, you can make me some eggs.
by thebeckssss June 07, 2011
n. - 1. a simple morning meal for the gourmand on a budget, consisting of tomato slices heated up in a skillet, then covered in an egg batter, which fries with slices of cheese over the top. Similar to a light frittata. 2. when you wake up to a chick who doesn't shave her armpits licking your asshole.
a) "This french breakfast is delicious."
b) "Darling, that french breakfast of yours was delicious."
by dishpoontang November 29, 2006
Cunnilingus. Especially when performed between sunrise and 12pm.
That French Breakfast sure was a hearty one. Next time, let's have Belgian.
by Steg. January 29, 2009
Simlilar to a Portuguese Breakfast. A poached egg is placed into the anus and is licked out by another. Usually done by homosexual males.
Man 1:Craig and Danny are back together, and I bet they will be having their usual French Breakfast tomorrow morning.
Man 2: Eww!
by b00mb00m May 29, 2008
When a man is making eggs in the morning for his lady while she is giving him head. He cums on the eggs and serves them to her with a little salt and pepper. She eats them joyfully.
Hey babe, come over here and make your eggs into a French Breakfast for me.
by Big Arms January 04, 2008
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