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You know this guy, or this girl, and you have great chemistry, and usually you'd totally for for it... except, for some unknown reason, you just stay friends. usually due to a lack of physical attraction...

this non-chemistry chemistry can thus be labelled fremistry. great word for easy let downs.
bob: yeah, you and i seem to be getting along really well.
amy: i know, right? we have such great fremistry...
bob: uhhh yeah.

bob: dude, jill was totally flirting with you in math class.
jonny: naw, i don't think she's into me that way. we just have great fremistry.
by fanofthebeewhisperer November 23, 2010
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n. the natural, platonic chemistry between two very good friends-without-benefits
Jerry: Let's get ice cream.
Ben: I was just thinking the same thing.
Jerry: Dude, we have such great fremistry!
Ben: Fuck me.
by proudgirl November 14, 2009

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