A girl that is Free an Easy
that girl is freezy
by A-Hop June 10, 2003
Top Definition
the point of drunkenness or extrem buzzin, somewhere after your initial buzz but before total looseness
j: YO KING how you feelin
KING: dude im straight chillin
j: king you loose dog?
KING: nah kid im FREEZY
by savage_life February 05, 2009
Lots of diamonds
Jay-z keeps his arms so freezy
by konichiwakitty July 21, 2003
An elevated level of chillness.
-Yo dude, whats up?
-Hanging in the crib, staying freezy
by Skippytheninja September 16, 2009
A chica that wont give it up.
Ron D got the freezy from that crazy ho!
by Drip May 09, 2003
When somebody doesnt want to put out
Yo JR. got totally shut out by that freezy ho!
by Drip May 07, 2003
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