freaky feet, could be unusually large, small, hairy or a manner of different things that mean you are the owner of freet.

chelsea now crys and trys to hide her feet all the time.
by chloe444 October 14, 2008
Top Definition
adj. often used to describe quickness, athleticism or astonishingly good looks of a male of caucasian origin
That young man is lucky, he is very freet.
by an0nymous May 22, 2005
(n). The whistle sound one makes when trying to hail a cab.

Should the individual be unable to whistle, simply speaking this word very loudly may suffice.
"Hey! Get that cab!" "Freeeeeet!" "Freet!"
by Pixxilated March 06, 2007
A fart that is captured in a container or an enclosed area.
I did a freet in an empty jar and mailed it to my freind. He opened the jar and smelled my ass.
by t c December 23, 2003
A combination fruitcake and freak.
Man, your girlfriend is such a freet!
by Anna N September 24, 2007
cold feet before asking a girl on a date, to prom, etc.
Oh man have you got freet! You've got to get over it!
by Dildo Phil October 06, 2007
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