Top Definition
1. free beasters

2. Things that people steal at parties
1. guy 1: man im so baked, i just got smoked up by jeremy
guy 2: yeah dude hes always giving out the freesters

2. guy 1: how was that party last night?
guy 2: It was so fun, i came empty handed and got complelty shit housed.
guy 1: damn i should have gone, i love freesters
by ben geezy January 06, 2008
Free beasters. Also free stuff people steal or weasle their way into reciving at parties.
Guy 1: Dude that guy always smokes me up
Guy 2: Yeah man he always has the feesters

Guy 1: How was the party last night?
Guy 2: Real fun, I came empty handed and got shithoused, there was mad freesters.
by Ben G (creator) January 02, 2008
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