Being able to do and say whatever you want, whenever you want. Speaking your mind. Saying what everyone else knows but won't say.
I'm free. You don't know what freedom is. I'm free. I can breathe. And you will choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life.
by somebody May 29, 2004
An overrated value of denouncing all sorts of economical, political, cultural, familial, psychological, spiritual and emotional bounds, which once -if ever- achieved leaves one with immense anguish due to the unbearable burden of taking responsibility for certain choices and simultaneously excluding endless others and giving up the sweet warmth of being able to blame others. Such desperation leads one to reconsider the value of freedom and makes one often wish that ones freedom is quickly taken back in order for one to regain a sense of identity and blissfully start blaming others again.

The peaceful sense of fulfilment achieved by a spiritual being who has completed the process of growth, by successfully taking responsibility for his/her choices, feels content with his/her life's work and relational evolution and is ready to move on from life.
You have the F r e e d o m to do whatever you want, (as long as it is what I want).
adult child: o.k. (as long as I can blame you for the rest of my life).

I am not hoping for anything,
I am not afraid of anything,
I have F r e e d o m!

Nikos Kazantzakis
by Aniretak October 12, 2007
4 in Supreme Mathematics

one's way of living, meaning one's language (Wisdom), and customs (ways and actions)

also Culture
Freedom, is to have a '"free-dome" (a liberated mind) or to lack restraints. The Original man's culture is Islam: (freedom, justice, and equality), which is peace.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
Nothing left to lose
Well, at least he has his freedom.
by Edd Rayner January 10, 2004
An illusion.
Freedom is an illusion.
by Privat November 12, 2003
...8nt Free (or) Freedom ain't free

A common phrase used as an expression of gratitude toward the brave heroes of the US Military, i.e., those who selflessly sacrificed their lives in order to guarantee US citizens the freedoms protected within the Bill of Rights.

"Freedom don't come free." (Lyrics from the song, "American Soldier") ~Toby Keith
"Freedom isn't Free" ~Paul Colwell, (1965) formed Up With People; ~Yngwie Malmsteen (2002)
For the American people, freedom isn't free; its price has been paid for by countless deaths in the war.

e.g., Freedom 8nt Free, Freedom Ain't Free, Freedom Isn't Free
by Freedom (really!) February 03, 2010

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