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(noun): freeculture is a way of life that is founded upon the concept of "true freedom"; i.e. in freeculture the ability of an individual or group to freely pursue their desires is not restricted so long as their desires do not harm other individuals or groups. Freeculture is based on three guiding principles: 1.) Debtfree - no one can accrue or accumulate debt of any kind, 2.) Bondfree - no one can be legally bound to another person, as in marriage and 3.) Community - the health and welfare of the community is equivalent in importance to that of the individual - this is in stark contrast to modern western society where the individual is socially and economically paramount. Freeculutre is limited in scale because of the nature of human freedom and the complexity of organizing and governing dynamic human social systems. Because of these limitations one rarely sees a freeculture community larger than 1000 inhabitants. One existing example of a nascent freeculture community is Freetown Christiania in Denmark though this is not a strict example of freeculture.
Did you hear that Mike has gone freeculture? He got divorced, quit his job, cashed out and moved to New Zealand where he's apparently living off the grid, growing his own food and bartering for everything. Angela told me that he's living in some kind of hobbit commune or something.
by Till Feste January 10, 2009
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