When you get sex for free!
I got mad freebies last nite
by Fuzzavelli September 15, 2006
Top Definition
when you get something for free
could be aything from a sample of shampoo to sweets sweetcollect music or anything at all.
one good source of free stuff is www.talkfreebies.com
by MrW January 18, 2005
Women who have sex just to keep their man happy
I give Dave freebies all the time
by Matt Kidd September 20, 2006
The un-shelled sunflower seeds at the bottom of the bag. No work required... just pop em in your mouth and enjoy!
I love the freebies at the bottom of the bag!!
by Amanda Michelle May 15, 2008
A set of tits that are not bound by a bra. In escence, they are "free". Origin: Paris, FR 2004
Did you see those freebies?
by shadee February 17, 2005
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