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when you get something for free
could be aything from a sample of shampoo to sweets sweetcollect music or anything at all.
one good source of free stuff is www.talkfreebies.com
by MrW January 18, 2005
When you get sex for free!
I got mad freebies last nite
by Fuzzavelli September 15, 2006
Women who have sex just to keep their man happy
I give Dave freebies all the time
by Matt Kidd September 20, 2006
The un-shelled sunflower seeds at the bottom of the bag. No work required... just pop em in your mouth and enjoy!
I love the freebies at the bottom of the bag!!
by Amanda Michelle May 15, 2008
A set of tits that are not bound by a bra. In escence, they are "free". Origin: Paris, FR 2004
Did you see those freebies?
by shadee February 17, 2005