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Free-bagging (v.) The action of receiving the positive social and civil benefit of a central government without actually wanting to pay for it.

Adopted by progressives during the mid 2009-2010 era, it began the shift from idolizing tax dodging and denigration to one commonly understood to be derisive in nature. Similar in concept to tea-bagging, both literally and figuratively, free bagging became known as "wanting something for nothing."

See also: tea-bagging, morans, libertarians, Somalia, owning the message.
For instance, a person listens to Rush Limbaugh on the radio while driving to their state government job. The airwaves are owned by the public, the individual is driving on a road, paid for by the public, and they are employed by the public. Yet, this person agrees with Limbaugh that taxes are too high. In fact, this person is free-bagging. Often of the lower socio-economic strata, a free-bagger may not be cognizant that there is a cognitive dissonance in their belief system. One cannot "support the troops" without actually, you know, supporting the troops.
by thealater July 09, 2009
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Originated in Australia. A term similar to freeballing, but for women.
When a woman doesn't wear underwar to cover her puffy bags.
"They said they freebag it, basically, `We don't wear undies Mum."
by gunnmjk August 17, 2004
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