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Physically very beautiful, fucking talented, fucking odd, fucking funny. Makes flash animations and video clips. Difficult to describe or to do real justice to here. Is a furry (a fox).
Insert hilarious video clip here.
by Usagi Chan February 07, 2004
Fredryk Phox is a guy from Tampa, Florida (which happens to be my hometown, too), who's video on Ebaums World became famous. He's an average guy that attends furry conventions here and there (I personally met him at Rocket City Fur Meet, and he has intentions of getting to AnthroCon). Due to his fame it's tough for him to make good friends, seeing as he's always being smothered, which is obvious with his hundred of LiveJournal comments. So don't be suprised if he doesn't IM you back if you ever decide to stalk him.
Fredryk Phox rhymes with Cortney Cox. ... And you're a faggot.
#fredryk fox #fredrik fox #phox #fred phox #fred fox
by Kamunou Hyena June 09, 2006
The most hilarious guy on the internet. And very cute too. Very very very very very weird.
"Because you're a faggot."
by The River Styx March 03, 2005
The funniest guy alive. I found him because of a girl in school said he was cute, and she send a chain E-Mail about him. Go Carri! (in the hiz-ouse)
Fredryk Phox is cool, yet retarded.
by Maeve April 16, 2004
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