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A freakyymontanaa is a proud bigger woman (sometimes man) who isn't afraid of showing off their body with a proud look on their face. They are usually concieted and having very devoted fans who they won't give their number too. Freakyymontanaas don't realize how much they are loved and see it as stalking because they are too proud for the less proud. Freakyymontanaas can be any race, gender, or size but it's a bonus if they are black obese women.
Steph: "Ask your mom what a freakyymontanaa is."
Megan: "Mom, what's a freakyymontanaa?"
Mom: "I'd assume it involves more than one person.. Or it's a beverage."
Aldo: "Candice is DEFINATELY a freakyymontanaa."
Steph: "She's so much of a freakyymontanaa, I'd cake it with her f'rsure!"
by Kiona Antionette September 05, 2011
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