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a phrase used to describe someone in either a good or bad way. or just because it's funny.
shut up you freak of nature

come here and say hey, you freak of nature, you
by woooooooooooooooooooo! me! June 02, 2004
Lady Gaga....enough said
"That chick is a freak of nature"
by FREAK4545 March 28, 2010
An erect penis that is beyond large, beyond thick, beyond long, beyond extra-long, and which stuns the (lucky?) looker-on. Unusual shapes figure into the formula too, such as a very long thick shaft with a very small glans (head). The judgment as to whether a penis is a freak of nature is somewhat subjective, although there's a consensus that a true freak of nature doesn't look quite normal, no matter how impressive it may be.
"I saw an Al Parker movie once. Man, was he a freak of nature!"

"Yeah, I could never reconcile that size dick with that size body. But even though Parker was huge, he wasn't freak-of-nature huge by size alone. He was rather small in body, and it's the discrepancy between Al and Al's erection that made him look rather, um, unworldly."

by al-in-chgo April 29, 2010
someone thats eyes are different colors
the lead singer to the band Rise Against is a freak of nature
by dragonslayer_69 March 04, 2009

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