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a freaky retard who is usually an asshole
Oh my gosh, he is such a fucking fretard!
by jordan, christine, ming July 08, 2005
4 6
Someone who has done a lot of Freon. Freon, as everyone knows, can make you retarted, thus, becoming Fre-Tarted...
"Oh my god yo...after Jay hit that bag one last time, he became a total Fre-Tard on us!"
by Ashley Chaffin December 25, 2007
2 6
A very retarded and/or stupid person from Fremont, NH. Can be also used as a compliment.
Shut up you stupid Fretard.

Why Jane, you're look very Fretarded tonight.
by Boles March 21, 2003
2 8
ur mom
by anonymous August 11, 2003
3 22
jay or
by anonymous August 11, 2003
3 28