Fraud is a term used to define the doing of an illegal act! Usually Armenians fall under this category since they are usually the ones that do this sort of thing!
Armenians like to committ insurance and welfare fraud!

So what's new?
by Moochowlin September 30, 2006
Any athlete or sports team that does not live up to the hype that is bestowed upon them.
The Duke Men's Basketball team are such frauds for the performance they put up in their Sweet 16 game after being given a 2 seed in the tournament.
by ekt8750 March 27, 2009
(n) someone/some being who isn't really the perception they put out to social media.
Amber; "Hey did you see what they posted???.."
Jen: "lol yes, gosh she's such a fraud as bxtch".
by Exposingthetheory January 24, 2015
Tyrone Willingham.
Does Tyrone Willingham even know what he's doing? He hasn't had a winning season since...when??? How can he make $1.5M per year?? What a FRAUD.
by RWDawgs September 01, 2008
A cigarette.
"I've bunned bare fraud today."

"Set us a fraud blod."
by BartonFink2 November 24, 2011

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