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A person to takes frattiness to the next level. Usually associated with a "go big or go home" mentality with alcohol, either not drinking (1% of the time) or taking 10 shots (99% of the time). This individual really likes to have a good time and willing to do anything to have one, no matter how shocking or embarrassing the acts are. He usually is an confident guy who doesn't care about his image, but his excessive frattiness image tends to help him look cool in front of girls anyways. He is well-liked and is welcomed at all bars and parties.
"He wore no pants to the prep school party? Lord what a fratyang he is."

"The open bar started 5 minutes ago and he is already ten drinks deep. The bar owner must hope there aren't any more fratyangs here."

"Look at all his facebook pictures. He looks gradually more retarded in each picture. FRATYANG!"
by NorthwesternWildcat October 24, 2009
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